2014 Southern Open Singles Winner: Jim Butler
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Jim Butler Wins The 2014 Southern Open

2014 Southern Open Singles Winner: Jim Butler

Congratulations to Jim Butler for his win over Li Kewei at the 2014 Southern Open! Jim bested Li Kewei in a close match that went the full 7 games. The final scores were: 8,11,-6,-9,4,-6,8.

Congratulations to all the other event winners, and much thanks to all players and spectators for making the 2014 Southern Open a success! Now, onto the next great table tennis competition, the 2014 Berkeley Open!

Events Concluding in Single Elimination

Event # Event Name First State Second State Final Score
1 Open Butler, Jim TX Li, Kewei GA 8,11,-6,-9,4,-6,8
3 Under22 Men’s Plog, Jason Yang, James Eddie TX 10,9,7
5 Under18 Boy’s Yang, James Eddie TX Xie, Tianming TX -10,7,2,4
7 U16 Boys Xie, Tianming TX Sun, Kelvin TX 8,8,7
10 Under13 Girl’s Zhao, Kelly TX Ding, Emily TX 7,7,4
13 Over40 Subonj, Viktorian TX Hou, Randy TX 2,10,7
14 Over50 Hou, Randy TX Fleshman, Tom TX 9,-12,5,7
15 Over60 Hou, Randy TX Stasinowsky, Kym TX -3,5,10,-5,10
16 Under2500 Meng, Lingshuai TX Bai, Zhedi TX 6,10,11
17 Under2375 Chan, Chi Wing (Felix) CA Addy, Winfred OK 9,11,-4,3
18 Under2250 Wang, Zhe TX Huang, Laura TX 9,7,7
19 Under2125 Cook, Grayden TX Li, Edward TX 6,7,5
20 Under2000 Li, Benjamin TX Mueller, Rick TX 6,-10,-11,7,8
21 Under1850 Arnold, Mark TX Chai, Ryan TX -10,12,11,-6,4
22 Under1700 Arnold, Mark TX Solano, Heriberto David KS 7,4,5
23 Under1550 Grant, Giancarlo TX Pang, Chong CA 10,6,10
24 Under1400 Stack, Daniel TX Zhang, Lizhao TX -10,6,8,10
25 Under1250 Subonj, Christina TX Zhang, Lizhao TX 4,9,-9,9
26 Under1100 Parthasarathy, Ajitesh WA Cook, Tanner AR -9,10,3,6
27 Under950 Cook, Tanner AR Maggiore, John TX 3,8,5
29 Open Doubles SE Ventura Dos Anjos, Bruno & Cretu, Razvan TX Ikeizumi, Claudia & Rybka, Anastasiia TX 4,6,3
30 U3600 Doubles SE Subonj, Christina & Subonj, Viktorian TX Phachantry, P.J. & Solano, Heriberto David KS 7,1,9

Events Concluding in Round Robin

Event # Event Name First State Record Second State Record
2 Women’s Hazinski, Shu Fu (Sara) TX 2-0 Rybka, Anastasiia TX 1-1
4 Under22 Women’s Oak, Anushka TX 3-0 Zhao, Kelly TX 2-1
6 Under18 Girl’s Zhao, Kelly TX 3-0 Oak, Anushka TX 2-1
8 U16 Girls Oak, Anushka TX 4-0 Zhao, Kelly TX 3-1
9 Under13 Boy’s Lai, Evan TX 3-0 Chai, Ryan TX 2-1
11 Under10 Boy’s Lee, Matthew TX 3-1 Mu, Kevin TX 3-1
12 Under10 Girl’s Shu, Linda TX 2-0 Fang, Katherine TX 1-1
28 Under800/Unrated Abdulwahid, Aliasgar TX 2-0 Li, Michael TX 1-1


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